Social Responsibility
We know that we have four basic responsibilities that we must fulfill

 Being economical - efficient and profitable
 Legal - complying with the law
 Ethical - acting in harmony with social norms and expectations beyond the law
 Voluntarily contributing to the solution of social problems

Corporate social responsibility is directly related to this includes the last two, but indirectly all, of the responsibilities. Because the happiness created by the institutions that are in line with the expectations of the society and are interested in its problems, results in happier employees, happier customers and therefore happier shareholders. is increasing. There are a number of principles that companies are expected to comply with in their behavior: Those in the management of the company are expected to act with confidence in the use of resources that the company has the power to influence directly or indirectly. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure that these resources are used only to improve the performance of the company, to prevent third parties from making unfair use of these resources, and to ensure that every resource used is used efficiently and effectively. It is expected that this matter will be disclosed in a transparent manner when there is a potential for a conflict of interest. It is also expected to take the necessary measures to protect all kinds of property rights of the company and to take measures to prevent theft of these, including intellectual property rights. Consistency and Being a man of your word is also one of the important principles. Compliance with contracts, making payments to suppliers on time, obeying explicit or implied promises are an indispensable approach to ensure the implementation of this principle. One of the important expectations in terms of social responsibility is transparency. For this reason, it is necessary to keep company records accurately, not to mislead the suppliers, distribution channels and other business partners, to disclose information about the company's performance in a timely and accurate manner, and to openly share important developments that will affect the performance of the company with employees and investors. Information about the social impacts that may arise due to the activities of the company is expected to be shared openly. It is of particular importance that the accuracy of this information is disclosed to third parties, such as external audit firms. Companies are expected to comply with human rights, health and safety conditions in their employees and suppliers, with whom they work while carrying out their activities, and not allow opportunities for people to be abused. Expectations in this regard are not only limited to compliance with labor law, but also providing the opportunity for employees to develop themselves and their participation in training programs necessary for their advancement in their careers is important in terms of social responsibility. is located. In this regard, activating the company's know-how, which is not limited to sponsorship, is considered an indicator of advanced responsibility. They are expected to share this information with transparency, to act in line with the principle of participation in decision mechanisms, to have well-founded processes for transparency and accountability, and to establish reliable relations with their customers, suppliers and investors within the framework of the principle of consistency.
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Mission and Vision
To offer innovative and reliable products and solutions with high added value to its domestic and international customers.

To make production that maintains its sustainable growth with the values it creates for its stakeholders in the global market, is preferred with its competitive power, is trusted, sensitive to the environment and people.
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